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Researches related with traditional kuih  :

  • Nutritional composition and sensory properties of kuih baulu incorporated stabilised rice bran. 
  • A. Rosniyana, K. Khairunizah Hazila, M.A. Hashifah, S.A. Shariffah Norin and A. Mohamad Zain. (view/open)

  • Nutrient Composition of Selected Cooked and Processed Snack Foods.
  • E.S Tee, S. Siti Mizura, A. Anuar, R. Kuladevan, S.I. Young, S.G. Khor and S.K. Chin. (view/open)

  • Sensory Acceptance and Nutritive Properties of Traditional Cake Made from Sweet Potato Flour  Nina Elyana Binti Zulkipli. (view/open)

  • Food intakes and habits of rural elderly Malays. 
  • Suzana Shahar , Jane Earland & Suriah A Rahman. (view/open)

  • Authenticity Representation of Malay Kelantan Ethnic Cuisine. 
  • Tajulurrus Mohammad & Jennifer Kim Lian Chan. (view/open)

  • Macronutrients content in foods available in primary school canteens. 
  • Wan Nudri Wan Daud & Aminah Abdullah. (view/open)

  • Sweet-Like Syndrome In A Patient With Acute Myeloid Leaukaemia.
  • M R Norhaya, S K Cheong, N H Hamidah & O Ainoon. (view/open)

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